I have listed some of my most successful web applications below:

Here are some desktop applications:


All my works below are governed by the Creative Commons license, specifically the CC BY‑NC‑ND 4.0 variant.


In my spare time I sometimes create music. If you're curious, please visit my SoundCloud profile, where I've uploaded my best creations.

Additionally, the following works — not available on SoundCloud — are licensed under CC BY‑NC‑ND 4.0:

All audio files at (all rights to the files — except for the above listed and those available on SoundCloud under a different license — reserved)

Literary works

At the moment, there is only one work available in English in this section:

All rights to the above work(s) reserved.

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Find me

I am active in other places as well! Check out my internet profiles if you wish:

Feel free to contact me at:'rhinorrhea'.slice(0,5)  [at]  rhino.wsYep — that's an anti-spam measure. Sorry for the incovenience, you'll figure it out.

About me

Witold SieraczyńskiWelcome to my website!
My name is Witold Sieraczyński, but you can call me "rhino" as well.
I'm an aspiring software developer mostly focused on web technologies. I'm also passionate about creating music. I am fairly knowledgeable in HTML, CSS and JavaScript (ES5 as well as ES6+ features) — check out my projects to find out! Or, venture through the site to discover other creations of mine.